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Life Changing Service-Learning Opportunities

Through our service-learning tours, Cabarete Coffee Company looks to offer life-changing experiences through language and cultural immersions.  By choosing to participate in a community service project, you will have access to a side of the community not seen by traditional visitors.  Plunging into a world outside of the classroom, you will see, hear, touch, smell and feel things that you have never known before.

Furthermore, when you choose to participate in our service-learning tours, you will leave knowing that you have touched a life and made a difference.  Many of the service projects that service groups complete involve physical labor such as painting homes, remodeling schools, building playgrounds, creating educational materials, or helping bring in the harvest.  While there is much intrinsic value in the projects themselves, the improved self-esteem of a woman with a newly painted home and the cross-cultural exchange between the visitors and their hosts are benefits that will last a lifetime.  Our desire is to help others to help themselves and the confidence and pride that result from the physical improvements we make to the homes of community members lead to them taking a more active role in their community.


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