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Shade-grown and organic, our coffee comes from a select group of farmers high in the mountains of Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic.  We purchase from a locally organized cooperative called the Associacion de Caficultures.  Of the 122 member farmers, we purchase from the 58 farmers whose beans are certified-organic by IMO Caribe.

Although the Dominican Republic is world renowned for the quality of its coffee, the vast majority of high quality beans are exported.  We have established a unique relationship with the Associacion de Casicultures and can provide our customers with quality beans that were previously only destined for international markets.

Farmers bring their beans to the cooperative where they are masterfully roasted to order and arrive in our shop the very next day.  The quality and proximity of our beans allows us to provide our customers an extraordinarily fresh and unique tasting experience.

Our coffee co-op is primarily comprised of small-plot farmers with farms ranging in size from a ½ acre to 200 acres.  Cabarete Coffee Company believes strongly in the economic, social and environmental value of the small, local farmer.  Through our cooperative supplier we are able to support the highest number possible of these essential community members.

Visit our coffee farms on your next vacation to the Dominican Republic!


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