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Cabarete Coffee Company

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How We're Making a Difference

  • All fruits and vegetables are washed in purified water.
  • We use locally grown, organic ingredients whenever possible to promote the local economy and to protect the environment.
  • We buy local, organic coffee and cocoa.
  • We heavily support the Mariposa DR Foundation - working to accomplish the Millennium Development Goals by increasing access to sanitation, education and healthcare in the same communities that are supplying our products.
  • We donate all leftover food at the end of each day to special families in need.
  • We compost (check back in the Fall of 2010 to learn about the expansion of our community composting projects).
  • To reduce our environmental footprint, we use paper cups that cost 16 times more than the more commonly used Styrofoam cups.

You can help too!  Please bring their own containers for coffee and other beverages and help save the planet and receive a discount on your drink!


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